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Best ways to keep your house clutter free

In the same way, how we say, a book is judged by the cover, people are judged by the condition of their house. A clean house represents an organized person while a house that looks haphazardly messy represents the level of hygiene of the person who owns it. And who does not like a hygienic person? We adore one.

We have brought you 21 different ways which will help you keep your clutter free home and ease the process of keeping a spick and span abode. You can thank us later!

What are the different ways of keeping your house clean?

You can start implementing the following ideas to your routine one by one, or all of them at once. They will make your life super convenient and you will be spending less time trying to fix the clutter every other hour. Invest your time and effort wisely.

Use mats for the floor

Using mats for the floor will ensure that you are keeping the floor covered with a reliable source. People walking around the house will not be leaving footsteps or wetness on the floor after using a wet washroom.

They will not be leaving footprints after entering the house from somewhere outside. This is an important step to keep a visually lovely home.

Have a separate place for everything

You must have a separate place for each and everything of yours, be it little or be it something that takes up more space. You should make sure you are keeping everything in certain spots that you have already chosen for them.

These spots should be decided beforehand so you do not simply place your things anywhere, adding to your stress later when you clutter everything in one area of the house.

Your dining chairs should be straightened

Often after lunch, dinner, breakfast or snacks that you consume on the dinner table, you simply may get up and see yourself washing your hands in the washroom next. What you may miss out in the middle is the simple process of tucking the dining table’s chairs inside.

Believe it or not, as simple as it sounds it really it gives out one of the most untidy vibes! It will leave your dinner table looking shabbily maintained. You must have a look at the chairs once in a while during the day to make sure the chairs are straightened and tucked in equally.

Make sure all the family members are aware of the cleaning routine

The family members play a major part in breaking or making the image of the house. If the family members are all on the same page when it comes to the cleanliness of the house, then it will be easier for you to keep it clean.

The members of the house should be aware of their duties and the ones who do not have any duties should simply just avoid cluttering. Therefore each of them should be careful and should be corrected when they are seen making an unwanted mess. There should be certain hygiene rules that should run the house.

Give the unwanted things to charity

If you do not need something that you see every day just laying around in the house uselessly, then it is better for you to give it to charity. Charity begins at home therefore make sure you give out something that belongs to your home!

If you are sick of, for example sick of those extra toys of your child, then donate them to a child who needs them. This will make you feel great internally and your house will look great externally. How about that? *wink wink*

Clean up after a cooking session in the kitchen

A good cooking session will tire you out definitely. You may be tired to the point that you would want to delay cleaning up for a whole lot later. But the trick to a clean environment is, that you follow up and clean right after you do an activity in the house for example as soon as you are done cooking.

Get it done right away and you would not have the added pressure of entering the kitchen again to clear the cooking station. It only takes a little bit of time, and in the first place make sure that you are neatly dealing with your daily activities inside the house. Be neat.

In case you have pets, train them well

Pets are the blessings of the house. Some live outside while some love to stay inside. As much as you love them, it is essential that you train them before letting them mingle with you in your household. That way they will be home friendly and will not be creating a mess for you to tidy up later.

It really is never an animal’s fault, it is your duty to train them well and accommodate them properly inside.

Make your bed when you wake up

Make your bed when you wake up because that is when you are starting your day, and the biggest hassle should be out of the day. Keep a house looking like it is as good as new, by keeping the bed completely made up.

The room instantly starts looking more spacious when the bed is looking perfect. It is a process that can be tiring during the day or evening, therefore get it over and done with when you have the most energy. Early in the morning!

Use a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will take out the tiniest of dust that your guests will be able to detect. Once the dust is gone, and the little pieces of torn papers or fruit seeds are sucked by the vacuum cleaner, then you may find the complete motivation to fix the rest of the clutter as well.

This machine is like your mini helper! If you have not bought one yet, invest in one as soon as possible. Your life will be made easier and more timely

Keep files for papers 

to make your home clutter free home If you have aimless papers flying around the house, then do one thing: simply file them up. This will be an important step in clearing away the extra mess. Papers are often the most common cause of clutter.

You may have kids that love to draw or you may be a person who loves to write. In any of the cases, you need to keep an eye on the papers that should have files to keep them set.

Do not leave your laundry for days on end without washing it

Laundry is one of the toughest task when it comes to housework. Be it yours or be it someone else’s. All you want to do is that you want to hide under the blanket when it comes to lots of unwashed laundry that is looking your way to become washed and wearable.

The main tip is, do not leave off the laundry in your to-do-later-list. It should be in your do-it-right-now list! Unfolded and dirty laundry can make your washroom look extremely cluttered even when it is in the laundry basket. Time to get rid of it when the clock strikes 8 pm every day.

Stop subscribing to unwanted newspapers and magazines

If you like to subscribe to magazines and newspapers that you do not read, then maybe it is time for you to change your style of living. Do not subscribe to them until and unless you know you will be reading them rather than hoarding them and making them become one of the main causes of clutter in your house.

These magazines look great when they are set nicely on the table, however, when they are just taking up extra space then they become what you can call “clutter”.

Avoid shopping which you are doing just for the sake of shopping

If you know what we mean by this, then you know we mean to say that do not just buy things that you do not need, just because you are bored. Only buy useful stuff that you know you will be using rather than just adding it to your collection of pretty things.

Something that looks pretty and will keep sitting there when already your house is low on space, then it will look like it is being forced to be a part of the living room/bedroom/kitchen etc. Forcefully setting up things also scream “clutter” out loud.

Keep a dustbin in every area of the house

Keep a dustbin in each room and each area of the house. This will also be an efficient way for you, your family members, and also your guests to keep the area clean.

No matter in which area of the house you are sitting, having a dustbin nearby means that you end up putting the waste away in it, rather than storing it somewhere to throw it later. If you have kids, you can have dustbins in the house that have their favourite cartoon characters made on them so they are attracted to them and love throwing away their junk in them.

Kaav living

Get vertical furniture rather than horizontal one

to make your home clutter free home When it comes to furniture that also acts as storage material, then it is preferable that you buy a vertical piece of furniture rather than a horizontal one. It can store just as much of extra clutter in the house, but it does not take as much space and will make your room still look less compact.

Go for the vertical shape and you will be amazed at how much your room feels cleaner. This is a trick that will truly work wonders for you and your cleaning routine.

Put your makeup in a box after doing your makeup

to make your home clutter free Your dressing table often may look super cluttered and that gives off a horrible impression of your room. The reason being, the makeup products are often scattered all over the dressing table once you are done making yourself get ready.

After getting ready it becomes an urgency to leave the house. But the trick is that you keep your products in a box when you are wrapping up your makeup session. This will make you more organised and is much more time saving than keeping each product at a particular spot. So what are you waiting for? Go get a makeup box today!

Now that we have given you all the tips, it is your job to try them out and give your house a shot at being clutter-FREE! If you have the will, then there is surely a way. Cleaning the house is no less than an exercise, therefore there is no harm in doing it every single day, but make your heart satisfied with clearing out the unwanted clutter free home  with the advice we have given you.

Let us know how it helped you, our comment section is waiting for you, fellas!

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