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10 tips on how to maintain a happy marriage

Marriage can be beautiful but at the same time, it can also be tricky. There is so much that you can feel in marriage. Sometimes on top of the world, and sometimes you may feel like you are a tad bit annoyed.

What is there to note is that even if one partner makes the effort, the annoying feeling goes away soon.

So how can you maintain a happy marriage when the routine gets monotonous?

Well here are a few things you can do to make sure that the romance keeps flowing. With kids or without kids, make sure that your romance is intact. Because the key to a happy marriage is definitely a thriving romance!

Make sure you go on a date once a week

This may sound like a complete cliche but it is so important for you to go on a date with your better half once a week. This does not mean you have to do and spend a fortune on dinner every week. You can simply go for tea but that way you will make sure that you get time to sit with your partner in a nice environment. Bring back the unmarried days!

Leave one another small notes

As much it also may sound like a cliche, leaving one another small notes can really make the day of the other person as this will make them know you were thinking of them during the day. Is that not a happy and complete feeling?

Do not just meet people when you haven’t spent time with one another

Make your partner your priority when it comes to spending time. Spend time with your partner first and if you have other plans they can wait until you and your partner have communicated well. Then you both can go meet friends or relatives. Communication with one another is key therefore do not get so busy that you do not give one another any kind of time.

Make sure you buy a pet

In case you are a couple who does not have kids yet, it can be interesting to keep a pet because you do have free time on your hands! It can be such a pleasure to be spending time with a pet who is definitely going to add more spark to your marriage with its cuteness.

Take interest in one another’s families

By taking interest we do not mean that you need to see them every day. But once in a while hanging out with one another’s families is a good experience because you get to know more and more about your better half’s childhood days.

Make sure you both work out together

Working out together can really have lasting effects on your marriage. A happy marriage consists of goals and what is better than having fitness goals in your life. Fitness goals can be so motivating for couples. It is obvious that you gain weight after marriage due to snacking with one another all the time! Therefore it is important that you keep some fitness routine together to keep yourself productively occupied.

Make sure you both do not make a mess

Keeping the room or house a mess can make couples argue to the max. They hate the point of arguing with one another over this but it really is a deal breaker. It is better to realize that you live with another person and therefore you should keep the room cleaner than a bachelor pad.

Give one another space

It is absolutely essential to give another space in the marriage. Even though it is great that you both have the license to be stuck together all the time. But it is important to let your partner be sometimes. If they are into their phone, let them be. If they want to go out alone with friends, do not make a face because you are bored at home. Let. Them. Be.


Get one another small tokens of appreciation

Getting one another small tokens of appreciating can really never get old. It will be the cutest thing couples do. Couples often give one other huge gifts on occasions. But how about some small tokens once in a while? What about something customized? Like a customized keychain! That works wonders!

Watch movies together that you both like

Watching movies together that you both like will have a lasting effect on your marriage in a GOOD WAY! It keeps you in a good and relaxed mood. Movies that you both like could be different but make the extra effort to like one another’s liking.

Cook together

Doing something as small as cooking together could make you both bond in a way that you both would remember. It can be a fun and humorous experience at the beginning! Why miss out on it?

Compliment one another

Believe it or not, but a single compliment can make a person’s day. Be it from friends or family. Imagine how amazing it is when it comes from your better half who sees you every day in all kinds of conditions! It makes the heart melt and it is one way of making sure that the romance stays alive. Saying I love you to one another is just as important as this.

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Listen to one another

Sometimes just listening instead of giving advice is much better. And a hug after that is worth a million dollars! The one who wants to be listened to would definitely agree to this.

Take a stand for them

If they are bothered by something then take a stand for them. Do not leave them alone in a situation in which it seems like they definitely need you.

Play board games together

Playing board games together is a great experience and a fun one at that! It makes you playful with one another and happy in one another’s company. Laughing together is the key to a happy marriage!

So now you have so many tips and ways to make your marriage be interesting and to not let boredom come in between.

Co-ordinate your clothes

Co-ordinating your clothes can have great effects on your life because you are discussing and blending into each other’s fashion sense and that makes you both look great to one another! It is completely essential to look good physically to your partner who is always wanting a glimpse of you.

A monotonous routine can get tough but what is there to remember is that your marriage is yours to keep and no one else, therefore, value it and cherishes it. Make yourself the person who is grateful for their better half every single day of their lives. This person has married you for better and for worse so try to make their time always better and better together.

Couples who laugh together and spend a good time together are more likely to be together for longer times. Couples are beautiful and therefore they can get the evil eye quite quick. Keep yourself away from the evil eye by constantly thanking God for what you have! Best of luck dear readers!

Aleena Raheel

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